Building a Challenger Sales Organization

The world in the last five years or so has dramatically changed, probably it has turned itself upside down. For anyone in business times were tough and sometimes they still are. What is most important customers don’t need you they way they used to.

The Buying pattern has changed, sophistication in technologies and amount of information available plus increasing competition and commoditization have fundamentally altered the sales environment. Customers begin any commercial conversation with a deeper consciousness of what they want to buy and with a stronger will to battle for the best price. The result is a greater complexity in building up a relationship with prospects, that renders many traditional sales skills obsolete.

With these premises the old practical approach of sales people:  acknowledge customer needs > demonstration of why your product it’s better than competitors > stress positive outcomes, doesn’t work anymore and the results is “sales relegated to price-driven bake-offs”.

It’s time to break this status quo developing your sales ability to challenge you customers and prospects.

What is challenger selling?

The model that you can apply to discover and empower and multiply the best sales people inside your own organization. Those people that you are looking after are those people that are the best performers with the larger gap from the average results.

What’s the difference?

The difference is in the set of soft and hard competencies in understanding better customers business and what not only drives value to them but understanding also the key point to challenge the common assumptions and give completely new insights that can changes the status quo.

How do we support you to create this shift in Practice?

We, at dale Carnegie training London, can help you to identify and develop those people that can reach the standard you’re aiming for:

  • Strengthen those skills to gain more business in a recovery market
  • Engage customers in a real valuable conversation that wins sales.
  • Approach every customer interaction in a tailored manner
  • Align that insight to each stakeholder’s specific needs and priorities.

Is not the product and service suppliers sell but the quality of the insights that a company delivers as part of the sale itself. Customers perceive a little difference in what sales sell, while they identified a big difference in how they sell it. The best companies drive growth by demonstrating new ways to compete more effectively.

This set of trained skills support sales to think strategically about the process of selling. How they can:

  • Understand the buyer better and identify the most suitable way to provide a great value.
  • Provide and leverage a constructive tension across the dimension of the sale
  • Reframe the way customers think about their business and their needs
  • Find the space where the real value of the relationship can be developed
  • Reposition themselves from vendors to professional consultants.

What results can you achieve?

You can increase the number of you sales reps that can deliver an outstanding performance far better than the average of your sales force. They will learn how to use their skills to place more emphasis on a customer’s potential to change on its potential to buy a product or a service. At the end your sales could track for differentiation, tailor a specific message and control the conversation with their prospects closing more business. 


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