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Successful executives are comfortable and in tune with themselves and able to create powerful relationships. They are confident in their own leadership ability and not afraid to examine and reflect on their skills and behaviour, welcoming feedback from the team and creating an environment of learning. They know that success is a result of their driving values and the congruence of their behaviour with those values in all aspects of their lives, even when put under pressure. They have a clear vision and know how to stir the hearts and minds of their people and win them to their way of thinking. The culture of the organisation is created around their values and people around them reach their full potential through great coaching.
This is the Executive Leadership Programme – a 9 session development programme comprising 6 group training sessions and 3 one-on-one coaching sessions. In addition, each participant receives substantial and detailed 360 feedback as a foundation for improvement.

The programme runs over a period of 4 months allowing time to apply the learning to real situations, critical to participants achieving outstanding results.

The coaching environment, both in the group and individual sessions, is safe and confidential, so that the experience can be intense and challenging. The sessions are interactive, energetic and inspiring. Participants experience robust coaching and are held accountable for their personal growth within a supportive and encouraging environment.

The programme is initiated with 360 degree feedback and a one on one coaching session dedicated to rapport building and focusing on goals for the programme and beyond. The remaining two one on one coaching sessions are at each delegate’s choice to fit best with their goals.

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One on One Coaching Session
• Review your 360 Report
Session 1 – Waking up
Taking responsibility that what we get depends on what we do and who we are and the relationship between them
• Time for ourselves to reflect and become more aware
• Realise that congruency between our values and actions is the key to leadership
Session 2 – New beginnings
The shift from management to leadership is subtle but vital; making the necessary changes is powerful and challenging
• Get to know people at the level of values, quickly • Create a powerful vision around core values to inspire others to action
• Realise the importance of stability core values for building trust
Session 3 – Surviving transitions
We have to let go of the past in order to make space for a new future • Delegate to make space for vision and develop others potential
• Control attitude to achieve greater success
• Develop a positive attitude causing dramatic improvements in results
One on One Coaching Session
• Review your achievements and ensure you’re managing to apply what you’re learning back in the work place.
Session 4 – Coaching to improve performance
• Learn to question intentionally and effectively to resolve conflict and improve performance
• Explore the leader as coach and coach as leader
Session 5 – People power
Resources can be managed but people have to be led
• Develop the skills to grow people and our organisations
• Learn to motivate others to action
Session 6 – Celebration and declaration
• Learn how to inspire your audience to action
• Declare your future to those who are key to your success
One on One Coaching Session
• Evaluate your progress against goals set
• Be encouraged and challenged to continue developing your skills

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