Tuesday, 04 July, 2017

Successful Change Management

Tuesday, 04 July, 2017
08:45 - 11:00

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What is Change Management?

Change Management is an approach that leads people, functions and organisations to a desired future state. Tools and techniques ensure that changes are successfully implemented to achieve long lasting benefits.

Why does it matter?

Change must involve people - Change cannot be imposed

Change can affect an organisation’s departments and its people, from the entry level employee to the senior management. Regardless of the different types of organisational change that are desired, we are dealing with other people and not everyone welcomes change. Most people find it difficult to change habits, routines and ways of thinking. Strong resistance to change is often a deeply rooted condition. How many time s have you heard ”We've always done it that way?” or “Why do I have to change?”. Sometimes people fear change as much as you fear failure. Even if change is driven by positivity and an improving business environment, the introduction and possible impact can still be negatively perceived.

How can you achieve a buy-in from your organisation’s employees?

The more you understand people’s needs, the better you will manage change.

Managers are crucial for change but it’s not just a top down imposed process, people and teams need to be empowered, solutions found and support given. Imposed or enforced change will not work, you have to learn how to interpret, communicate and enable. Employees need to be able to trust the organisation.

What is our approach?


The Dale Carnegie Training Change Model can help leaders prepare for change, engage their employees and drive positive outcomes. We have a structured approach to organisational change that maintains flexibility in implementation. We develop your ability to facilitate and enable change, determine both the need for change and the capability to change; understanding the situation from an objective standpoint. We help you to foster participation, involvement and open and effective communication.

What results do we deliver?

We drive you towards the future

We guide and support you through the change implementation, and when it has been reviewed and found to be succeeding as planned, the new concept, approach or process is adopted, and becomes part of the new organisational norm. The review process is not terminated, but it transitions to the ongoing monitoring of the changed systems and relationships within the organisation.


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Who Should Attend

CEOs, COOs, Senior Management, Senior HR Professionals, Senior OD Professionals, and anyone in a position of leadership interested in learning how to manage an effective change strategy


Find strong motivation for a change

Analyze risk and opportunities with the propose change

Plan the key elements

Implement change and review the direction

Adopt and adjust to achieve the desired result


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